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Sign Materials

Discover a vast selection of high-quality sign materials. Below is a list of our most popular materials to help assist you on your signage project.  If you do not see what you are looking for feel free to contact us if you need any assistance 



A budget-friendly and very versatile material option, made of durable fluted plastic. Available in multiple thicknesses:

4 Mil Coroplast – Our most affordable, yet durable material is suitable for outdoor use and for attaching to H stakes. Ideal for many types of outdoor signs: yard signs , open house, garage sale, political campaigns, grand openings, churches, and short-term signage.

6 Mil Coroplast – Upgrade in thickness from 4 mil coroplast. This durable outdoor material is ideal for permanent signage inserts or A-frame hanging signs.

10 Mil Coroplast – Great alternative for a thinker, stronger sign at an affordable price. This durable outdoor material is an ideal choice for short-term residential or commercial signs. 



A plastic sign material designed for long term indoor signage or short term outdoor signage. This material has a smooth finish, giving it a professional, clean, and sleek appearance. Available in multiple thicknesses:

3mm PVC – The most common thickness. Thin, yet durable enough for point-of-sale signs, easel signs, graphs, weddings, personal photos and more.

6mm PVC – Our thickest PVC material. Ideal for those wanting a thicker material for point-of-sale signs or hanging indoor signage.

NOTE: PVC isn’t great for outdoor signs because it can crack in the heat over time. Instead, we suggest using coroplast material.



One of the most durable sign materials we offer. This material is made of a solid polyethylene core sandwiched between two aluminum panels.

3mm Dibond – An extremely smooth, rigid, durable, and professional looking aluminum composite sign material. Ideal for both residential and commercial signs.

NOTE: For signs larger than 4ft x 4ft we recommend using a plywood backing and applying aluminum over plywood verses DiBOND

Aluminum Sign Material


One of the most durable sign materials that provides the strength of metal, yet will never rust.

.032 Aluminum – Our most common aluminum weight has a smooth clean finish. Ideal for small road signs, or long-term signage to be attached to a structure or hard surface. It also works great for large commercial signage, as it can be attached to plywood backing. This also makes it an ideal and affordable option for an easy sign replacements.

Alumalite Sign Material


A nice option for those wanting an aluminum sign that does not already have backing board material. 

6mm Alumalite – Is made of a 6 mil coroplast core sandwiched between two aluminum panels, making a durable and long-lasting sign which is ideal for both residential and commercial signs.


Gator Board

An excellent choice for applications that require a rigid, yet lightweight material.

3/8 Gator Board – Our lightest, yet very durable sign material. A much more rigid material than original foam board, which helps avoid denting. Ideal for point-of-sale signs, easel signs, graphs, personal photos, and more.

NOTE: We recommend going with a 3 mil PVC option as it is a heavier material. It’s stronger and more rigid than gator board at the same price point.



A hard, clear material with a glass-like look that gives a vibrant, clean, sleek, and contemporary appearance. 

1/8 inch Acrylic – The most common thickness that keeps the weight down while still being durable for a long-lasting sign. The image is printed on the reverse side of the material, giving your prints a nice, vibrant glass-like look. Paired with stand-off framing options which comes in 3 different colors, aluminum, black, or gold finishes to give your sign a professional look. Signs come predrilled for easy installation. Ideal for both business and personal settings.