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How to set up print ready files

File Size

Always start off with setting your file size to the print size you want
If we receive a file that is an incorrect size, it will slow the production process down until we get the corrected file size

File Format

PDF Files are always preferred for best print quality
We can receive other formats, but they will not print at the same high quality

Color Mode

CMYK Mode is always preferred
We can accept RGB files, but they will be converted to CMYK and there will be a color shift


Resolution should be 300 dpi for best print quality
For large format projects that are full size like banners and signs, 150 dpi is acceptable.

Does your artwork have a full bleed? What is Full Bleed?

This is where your print image expands off the edge of the paper. It is important that you set your files up correctly, so your image completely expands off the paper and at the same time, doesn’t cut any important information off. (Bleed only items such as a background color or image, not logos or text).

When you want your design to “bleed off the edge of the card” (have your entire card covered in ink), We kindly request that your design extend 1/8 inch (.125 inches) beyond the final dimensions. Additionally, ensure all text is positioned 1/8 inch (.125 inches) away from the cut line.

Final Artwork Size Example When Creating a Business Card
Business Card with Bleed 3.75×2.25
Final Card size after cut 3.5×2

Bleed Lines Omega Print