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Print Enhancements

Laminate Coatings • Foiling • Spot or Raised UV • Embossing • Custom Die Cutting

Print Enhancement-Laminate

Laminate Coatings

This is a great low-cost alternative way to enhance and protect your print. We offer 4 different laminate options to choose from which are Ideal for business cards, invitations, flyers, tags, bookmarks, brochures, menus, book covers and more. Laminate coatings are only available on card stock paper.

Soft Touch – Premium velvet feel with a matte look.
Gloss Laminate – Glossy smooth feel that makes your print look more vibrant.
Matte Laminate – Matte silk feel that will soften your print and give you a natural look.
Leather Laminate – Matte leather feel; your print job will look like it was printed on leather verses paper.

Recommendations: Matte and Gloss laminations work best on menus and book covers verses Soft Touch since they clean up easily. Matte Lamination will also show fewer fingerprints.

Pouch lamination – Is also available for printed items that need sealed edges.

Print Enhancement Foil


This is a great way to enhance your image. We offer both Digital and Heat Stamp Foiling, each has its pros and cons. These are great options for business cards, invitations, flyers, tags, bookmarks, brochures, menus, book covers, stationary and more.
We recommend – Since foiling is a process done after printing there could be some movement and registration issues. This can be avoided by not having the foil and print touching in close detail. Also avoid foiling small fonts, icons and thin details. Foiling works best highlighting a larger image that you want to stand out.
Digital Foiling – This is the most affordable way to add foil to your print. No special set-up or dies are needed. This also allows for a quicker turnaround time of your order. Digital Foil is only available on card stock papers.
In most cases we need to add a Soft Touch printable laminate to your print so we can add the foil. The Soft Touch laminate will provide you with a premium velvet feel and matte look with a bright foil contrast. We can add digital foil without soft touch as long as the foil is not touching any print.
Heat Stamp Foiling – This is the most expensive way to add foil but gives you more options. There is no need to use soft touch lamination with this process, and you will be able to foil on a wider variety of paper stocks. Heat stamping foil requires a special foil die, and can take up to 5-10 days to complete your order.
Multiple Foil colors are available : Gold • Silver • Copper • Red • Blue • Green • Rose Gold • Pink • Purple • Holographic Multi-Color

Spot or Raised UV

This is a great way to add a premium look and feel to your printing. This type of coating creates either a flat or raised, glossy effect that really makes your printed piece stand out. Works best paired with a Soft Touch laminate giving you a beautiful matte contrast with the glossy print. This is a great option for business cards, tags, greetings cards, and more
Print Enhancement Emboss


This is a process in which the paper is molded over a metal die, leaving the image raised above the sheet. You can emboss an image or company name to give your piece a custom look and feel. We recommend using cover stock papers when embossing. Works great for business cards, book covers, folders, and more. Embossing requires a special emboss die and can take up to 5-10 days to complete your order.
print Enhancement-Die-Cut

Custom Die Cutting

Make your job stand out from the rest by giving it a unique shape. We are able to custom cut your paper to whichever size and shape you are looking for. This includes custom shaped tags, business cards, door hangers, table tents, folders, and more.  We offer both digital die cutting for small projects and traditional die cutting for larger projects. For larger more complex die cutting projects, a special die might be needed and can take up to 5-10 days to complete your order.